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 To which technical services provider call upon to cover La Grande Boucle ?


La Grande Boucle is a yearly event for bicycle race afficionados and sports in general. Visitors and television viewers are in ever-increasing numbers each year to follow the event.

*The organizer of this national event is ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation).

Their main concern is to accomodate with perfect organization the visitors, the guests of partner companies and the sports athletes in each city where the Grande Boucle transits, all while at the same time highlighting the sportsmen and their performances. And all this must be done whatever the weather conditions.

To achieve this result, ASO must partner with experienced service providers capable of supplying the necessary technical coverage at the departure and arrival cities of the day.

Furthermore, the provider must also leave his permanent base for 4 weeks and be on the road to follow each day's itinerary
For the most popular sporting event of the year, also free of charge for the spectators, France Televisions Sports was looking for a provider to rent a post-production television van in order to offer the viewers every day the best shots of the competition.

*If seeing the passage of the cyclists remains the most desired attraction, waited for by thousands of onlookers all along the road, there is another attraction which is also very much appreciated by the public: the passage of the advertising caravan procession. It's a great communication tool for the brands which get high exposure for their wares.

It is notably the case for Vittel and Skoda who take advantage of the event to make the public discover their products and push forward their brand. The visibility factor also relies on the decoration of the advertising vehicles which must be highly original to stand out among the hundreds of other brands present at the same time.

Both Vittel and Skoda entrusted the construction of their advertising caravans to communication agencies, who decided to mount display screens on the vehicles. They therefore needed a service provider present on the Grande Boucle tour who could equip the vehicles and guarantee a reliable system which could operate over 5000 km without needing dismantling, operate under adverse weather conditions and supply maintenance services at any time in case of need.


Video :


Many VIDELIO subsidiary companies worked together for the Grande Boucle 2014. Contacted in turn by ASO, France TV Sports, agencies UNITEAM and Ideactif,  IMG SAS, our teams covered Great-Britain and France over 4 weeks.

For now 11 years, ASOS has partnered again with the VIDELIO - Events teams. This year, 16 technical staff were placed at various locations to accomplish the following tasks :

  • Equipment for the various venues in the departure town (2 technicians)
    • A full daylight screen, 10 square meters, on a trailer
    • Video displays
    • Wireless cameras for display on the giant screen
  • Equipment for relay locations receiving each day more than 150 guests (4 technical staff : 1 sound engineer, 2 video engineers, 1 cameraman)
    • Full daylight screen, 10 square meters
    • A network of video displays
    • Sound PA system
    • Video shooting of various local interest items
  • Equipment for the Antargaz village (1 technician)
    • 4 display screens
    • Sound PA system
  • Equipment at the arrival town (8 technical staff)
  • Equipment at the race's finishing line
  • Video screens for the VIP areas
  • Written Press area : 2 video networks using 46" screens to show live coverage of the race and cyclist interviews after the race.
  • Installation of a background set of several full daylight screens placed on the podium vehicle where the daily jersey shirt prizes are remitted to the cyclists
  • Equipment for the various technical areas reserved to the staff working on the Tour de France. Display of various information and live race coverage.
  • Equipment for a hotel in Gap hosting one of the cycling teams. Installation of television sets in the hotel rooms for the cyclists.
  • Installation at various locations on the Champs Elysées in Paris, where the race finishes.

As for France Télévision Sports, they have signed a 3 year contract for the rental of a post-production van every year for the duration of the Grande Boucle. VIDELIO - Preview wired the vehicle, VIDELIO-Events and VIDELIO - Cap'Ciné installed 9 Avid Media Composer editing stations.

Communication agency UniTeam entrusted to VIDELIO - Events the fitting of one of it's advertising vans with a 4/3 format LED video wall composed of 12 EKTA LED modules. The display wall covers an area of 1.84 sqare meters. Interfaces were also installed to display on screen video coming from the GoPro cameras aboard the vehicle, these cameras allowed the public alongside the road to see themselves on the large screen.
Agency IdeActif also called upon the services of VIDELIO - Events to install equipment aboard the Skoda advertising van. Were installed :

  • 2 EKTA LED video walls, side mounting, 2.25 m width.
  • 1 front-facing panel, 1.32m width.

Our teams also edited the customer's media content for display on the video panels.

1 staff was present for technical assistance to the France 2 commentator studio which was installed by VIDELIO - Events.

VIDELIO - Events also rents equipment for events, for instance for AG2R, a 75 foot screen, pedestal mounted.

In all, the 20 strong staff from VIDELIO - Events installed 2500 meters of cables every day and covered 6000 km in 4 weeks, including one week in the United Kingdom.


The different actors of the Grande Boucle can count on a reliable technical partner who is thoroughly familiar with the event and its particularities. 

VIDELIO - Events puts at the service of its clients an experienced technical staff with awesome efficiency, they are available at any time during the event and therefore deliver impeccable technical services.

VIDELIO - Events has access to a large inventory of equipment, always in evolution. Every year new, state of the art gear is added and can fulfill every requirement in terms of Video/Sound/Light needed for the Grande Boucle.




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