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How to enhance a creative work of art or an event concept by deploying innovative video solutions ?


For the commercial launch of the new Nissan Qashqai, the operation was conceived by Digitas (Publicis Advertising Group), coordinated by Fuse (Omnicom) executive production and event execution were taken in charge by CPM (Omnicom).

Together, the agencies decided to place the newest Nissan Qashqai on the top terrace of the Publicis Drugstore, thus allowing the vehicle to dominate Paris and the Champs Elysées avenue.

The ambition of this event was to make the visitors live a unique experience around the signature motto of the Nissan Qashqai 'Urban by instinct". A discovery trail route was organized with the possibility to :

  • discover and interactively enhance photographs of internationally know rooftoppers such as Tom Ryaboi, Andrew Tso, Taran Cypher and Aurélie Curie,
  • a matrix of floor-mounted screens was created to immerse the visitors into the experience.


Video :


VIDELIO - Events was contacted six weeks before the project to study its feasability and the execution by CPM (OmniCom).

Each visitor was loaned with an iPad for the recognition of the photos of the rooftoppers. The visitor could then "scan" any image in the exhibit to obtain additional information about the artist and the work displayed.
VIDELIO - Events installed the "show control" apparatus to make the experience work : visitor presence detection, automatic playout of videos, automation of lighting and sound.

  • For the floor-based video screens, the VIDELIO - Events teams installed a presence detection system allowing to launch the video playback at the approach of a visitor. There were two main challenges to implement this A/V solution :
    • create a floor mounted display of 16 screens, 55 inch in diagonal protected by safety glass to ensure both top quality images and visitor security.
    • The media had to be reprocessed to allow 4K quality display over the 16 screens arranged as a 4x4 array. Many tests were necessary at the VIDELIO - Events showroom to optimize the display before the event.
  • At the end of the discovery trail when the Nissan Qashquai vehicle is revealed, the VIDELIO - Events teams were responsible for the lighting and sound system around the car.

The complete project gave full-time work to 6 of our staff, 3 days of installation and a 10 exhibit duration.


The guests were privileged to get an introduction to rooftopping and to live an unforgettable 'urban" experience. The hoped-for goal was attained for Nissan as the event created a strong buzz : in less than 49 hours, 1000 participants joined in via social networks to discover the new Nissan Qashquai.

Giving this innovative experience to the public was made possible through a novel creative concept and with the work of the VIDELIO - Events design bureau and its multi-disciplinary talents who did well before the event many simulations, tests and trials in the company showroom. Thus, within a very short time frame, the teams transformed the conceptual event idea into a technical reality. A wide array of competences (video, sound, lighting) were added together to bring this project to fruition, and the final result was just mind-blowing !

VIDELIO - Events is frequently consulted by major corporate entities for assistance in the launching of new products or press conferences. Some of the most recent accomplishments include the launching of the Renault Zoé all-electric car in Lisbon, Schwarzkopf's new hair product line, the Renault Captur car in Biarritz, President François Hollande's commemoration of the French Resistance, Areva's press conference with Prime Minister Manuel Valls…

*Rooftopping is an urban artistic movement which consists in climbing to the top of high-rise buildings, skyscrappers or cranes to take mind-boggling photographs.




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