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How to obtain a complete turnkey solution for video/lighting/sound to cover an open-ground musical concert ?


For many years, the winter sports resort of Tignes organizes for the new year's eve celebration an open-air outside party. With this great outdoor discotheque, the resort wishes to distinguish itself and increase visitor presence by celebrating with pomp the passage into the new year with at the record players the best DJs in the world.

Around 30 thousand visitors gather together to participate to the free concert taking place at 2100 m altitude with a 6000 square meter dance floor.

It is of prime importance considering the reputation of the invited DJs to animate the party (Martin Solveig, David Guetta, Laurent Wolf, Joachim Garraud...) that the event be absolutely flawless from a technical standpoint.

Indeed, the main issue is to supply a top-notch technical system and a customized audiovisual presentation to attract the highest number of visitors , create a buzz around the concert and get media attention to bring the following year ever greater numbers of skiers and clubbers to celebrate the new year in Tignes.


Video :


The city of Tignes in charge of organizing this outdoor concert, has reconfirmed its trust once again in VIDELIO - Events, as for many years before, for the technical and events aspects of this concert. The organizers need to rely upon a team with thorough knowledge of this type of event which takes place in live conditions and requires experience, professionalism and a capacity to remain cool whatever unforeseen event may happen.

A staff of 8 to 10 persons were necessary in the domains of SOUND – VIDEO – LIGHTING – STRUCTURE BUILDING. Two days of assembly and tests were required for the technical setup (up to 4 days for the 2012 new year's eve concert at the foot of the ski slopes).

Technical infrastructure – Structure building

  • One structural CABIN, rainproof and heated for the DJ
  • a structure for the daylight video screens
  • a structure for the lighting and sound equipment
  • crash-barrier structures for the public's protection

Technical infrastructure – Video

  • 2x daylight giant screens for the display of partner's content and coverage of the audience and DJ
  • 3 to 6 cameras for coverage of the audience and DJ

Technical infrastructure - Sound

  • Sound reinforcement and peripherals:
    • 1x digital 24 channel mixing desk + preamplifier board FOCUSRITE ilivet 112
    • 16x Satellite speakers, 3 way active amplification, FUNKTION ONE series Touring RES5T
    • 2x Satellites speakers, 3 way active amplification, FUNKTION ONE series Touring front fill RES3
    • 4x Satellite speakers, 2 way, FUNKTION ONE RES1, located center stage in front of crash barriers
    • 16x Subwoofers, FUNKTION ONE F218, dual 46cm/18" drivers
    • 3 racks of amplifiers, Touring RKR4T systems
    • 2 installation setups by FUNKTION ONE for 5x R5T speakers, horizontal and vertical mounting BOARD RES5
  • DJ SET
    • 1x mixing desk, PIONEER, 5 channels + multi-effects NEXUS DJM900
    • 4x CD players, PIONEER PRO + MP3 CD player NEXUS CDJ2000
    • 2x FUNKTION ONE RES2 monitors, 3 ways, active bi-amplification, 750 Watts
    • 2x Subwoofers, FUNKTION ONE F215, dual 38cm/15' drivers
    • 1x rack of amplifiers, 4 channels, FFA 4x 1500 Watts for RM18 RKFFA speakers
    • 1x RF wireless microphone, SHURE SM58 UR4D
    • In all, 30.000 Watts of sound system power

Technical infrastructure - Lighting

  • 2x fog machines, FOG HAZER
  • 16x robotics moving head projectors BEAM SHARPY SHARPY X5R
  • 12x robotics moving head projectors BEAM LED RGBW 36x5 Watts MOVINGBEAM
  • 4x stroboscopes, 3000 Watts with color changer TCS3000
  • 8x architectural projectors, CITY COLOR LED, 350 Watts, RGBW 4 in 1 (waterproof to IP65 standard)
  • 8x LED spot lights, DJ cabin lighting, RGBW SPOTWP543 (waterproof to IP65)
  • 3x DMX Splitters, 1 input/8 outputs SPLITTER DMX
    In all, 30.000 Watts of lighting


Each year, the event meets the expectations of the city as the clubbers faithfully attend in ever-increasing numbers. The media (press, radio and TV) cover the topic and focus attention on the joyful mood of the snow-covered venue and its unusual location : creating a full-blown concert stage and dance floor at 2100m altitude on december 31st is quite a technical feat indeed !

A challenge won with success by the city of Tignes and also for the VIDELIO - Events teams which have helped the town over many years thanks to their expertise in audiovisual events, their reliability and promptness to react.

VIDELIO - Events also follow many other artists for their concerts or on tour: Patricia Kaas on tour, a classic music concert at the Salle Gaveau in Paris, David Guetta at the Alps Stadium and Vanessa Paradis at the Nuits de Fourvière (Lyon region)




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